Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've moved to Jeddore

So I decided to move in with my mother in the house where I grew up for the summer to save some money for school in September. I'm also still working in Halifax so since my commute is more than a metric century every day I though I'd make a post about it.

The ride in and out is just under 60kms each way which makes for about 115km round trip. I get a car ride in every once and a while but most days I make the 2hour trip by bike which means getting up at 5am if I have to be at work by 8am.

Here's my ride in
and ride route back home


Jacqueline said...

Godwin, thats insane! I hope you intend to join the UofC cycling team (if there is one...)
We should get together before you move out west. -Jacquie

mattreid said...

Hey Godwin,

I recently found a link to your blog after reading an ancient halifaxlocals thread, and read the whole thing in an evening. Very inspiring, and I hope to do more biking now.

I've also made the switch to the Oxford Street laundromat you recommended, and enjoy it there.

Hope all is well, and you're still on the road.

Matt Reid