Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Halifax to Eastern Shore Century: 02.04.2008--170km

Tried to take the same route as in January but took a few wrong turns (as always) ended up at about 170km. Windiest century to date 20-30km/h winds with gusts up to 70km/h and despite that it was one of my quickest. Took about 5:25 ride time to get to the 100mi mark and about 6:30 total time (stopped into work and the bike shop along the way). So I am back up to my usual summer pace at just below 30km/h average ride time (29.8 this time). Reached a max of 72km/h, fastest I've gone in the province (got up to about 78 in up state NY).

The map (didn't change the picture here but I created a new mapmyride map):

The pictures:


Sarah O. said...

Mike, I saw you on North Street on Wednesday. I was waiting to turn left onto a street so I could make a right onto Robie, and the car in front of me doing the same decided to almost cut off the oncoming bicyclist - and it was you! You made a grimace at them (totally deserved). Geez, you were flying.

When do you leave for AB?

Godwin said...

I've been meaning to contact your for a while (and update this thing). I live in Jeddore now. I'm leaving on the 26th of August but I'm probably going to be done work sometime around the 10th. Call me 8893497 or goodgodwin

Sarah O. said...

Okay, I'm in the middle of writing my thesis and things are looking v. desperate. I'll give you a call as soon as I get some free time.